We have been recognized as pioneers of the non-woven sector since our founding in 1939. KORUSER Wishing to crown our experience and expertise with a new product, we have designed and manufactured the high quality KORUSER Floor Protection Mat whose purpose is to provide the construction industry with a cleaner and safer environment. We have determined the principal distinguishing features of the KORUSER Floor Protection Mat as “extra strength” and safe “non-slip” backing. With its extra strength and durability it provides protection for all interior and exterior surfaces such as stairways, carpets, windows, and frames of wood, laminate, ceramic tile, natural stone, etc. during construction and renovation work.

With its non-slip backing, and its strong and even adhesion to surfaces, it prevents accidents and hazards to a significant degree in spaces where it is applied. KORUSER Floor Protection Mat; Protects the floor against stains caused by spillage of liquids such as paint etc. Its breathable texture prevents moisture from accumulating on surfaces. Being easy to transport and apply, it can be re-used with convenience. Having a low rate of waste, it saves on time and expenses. Thanks to its advantages and superior qualities, KORUSER Floor Protection Mat is a modern product which can be used in a variety of applications.

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